Thursday, November 07, 2019

Family Reunions at Sea

You can’t flip your calendar over to November without thinking about the family gatherings ahead. Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and dear friends! There’s no better time to suggest a family reunion and no better place to hold a family reunion than on a cruise ship. There are so many reasons why multigenerational cruising has never been more popular!

Economically speaking, cruising is a good fit for all budgets because there are so many variables that allow you to tailor the pricing to your group, allowing more people to attend. Since your choice of cruise line, departure port and cruise length will all affect pricing you can adjust these variables to find the perfect itinerary that everyone can afford. Plus, the inclusive nature of a cruise helps keep everyone on budget. There are no worries about who is going to pay for this dinner or that activity, given that almost all meals, entertainment and activities are included in the basic fare.

A reunion at sea offers something for everyone. Cruises allow your family members the option to individually participate in activities that may not appeal to others in the group (think a spa visit or workout time) or share an activity with the entire family (going to a show together or maybe a family mini golf tournament). And don’t forget, cruise ships offer structured and supervised children’s programs as well as teen clubs.

On a family reunion cruise everyone can dine together each evening…or not! However your group chooses to dine you are guaranteed a varied menu that will please even the pickiest eater!  Of course the best part is that nobody has to cook or cleanup.
Heading ashore with a large group has its perks, too. Many cruise lines allow groups of 20 or more to create private tours tailored to everyone’s interests, budgets and abilities. While this may not be as important on a Caribbean cruise where everyone generally heads to the beach, it would be wonderful if your planning excursions in Alaska or Europe!

Planning a family reunion cruise can eliminate a lot of the more difficult details of a reunion held elsewhere especially when you take advantage of what a cruise ship has to offer. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it may be the perfect time to suggest a family reunion at sea.

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