Friday, November 15, 2019

Reasons to Arrive to Your Cruise a Day Early

Maybe I’m just a Nervous Nellie, but the thought of flying to my cruise embarkation port on the day of the cruise causes me to break into a cold sweat! I think all the agents here at Direct Line Cruises will always advise their clients to do the same thing. Here’s why…

Flight Delays
Possible flight delays are probably the number one reason to always try to arrive to your cruise port city early, preferable the day before.  I know it’s not my imagination in thinking that these days that flight delays are more prevalent than ever before. My husband flies domestically every week and I have become accustomed to text alerts from the airlines notifying me that his flight has been delayed…or worse, canceled. Best solution is to book your flight for a day earlier than your cruise. Then you are essentially building a buffer against the chaos flight postponements or cancellations can cause.

Lost or Delayed Luggage
What a dreadful feeling to be standing at the baggage carousel and you are the only one left without a bag! At least if you arrive at your destination a day early you’re giving the airline some extra time to get the bag to you. I guarantee you have a better chance of your luggage being delivered to your local hotel later that day or the next morning than you do once that ship leaves port. And if it’s not delivered you still have time to drive to the nearest mall to pick up essentials…or a new wardrobe!

Board Well-Rested
Are you waking at 4AM to make the first flight out?  No thank you! I don’t want to be tired and cranky the rest of the day, nor do I want to fall asleep before the Welcome Aboard show!  I’d rather wake up just miles away from where my ship is docked, have a leisurely breakfast and grab a cab to the pier after my second cup of coffee.  And if it’s an international flight, I want an extra day built into my itinerary to recover a bit from the jet lag of an overnight flight.

 Board Early
I love boarding as early as possible.  I like running around the ship taking pictures before all the public areas become too crowded with fellow passengers.  I like to make spa appointments, sign up for spin classes and get my internet set up.  Then while everyone else is waiting online to board I’m laying on a chaise in front of the pool with a pina colada.

I hope that's enough to convince you that its always a good idea to fly int your port of embarkation a day early! Bon Voyage!

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